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Product & Distributor Policy

Distributor Policy

Any person who is of legal age of eighteen (18) years old and above may apply tobecome an Independent Distributor. Any legal entity can become an Independent Distributor provided all the followingrequirements are submitted; Corporation Letter of Intent, Board Resolution, photocopy of the SEC Certificate of Incorporation;Partnership Letter of Intent, photocopy of the DTI Business Name, Cooperative Letter of Intent, Board Resolution, photocopyof the CDA Cooperative Certificate. The person or the authorized representative of the legal entity as a requirement,shall purchase at least one (1) JCPREMIERE Package; Upon approval of the application, he/she or it shall be given anIndependent Distributor Identification Number and shall become an Independent Distributor. All Independent Distributorshall be authorized to sell, deAl with or perform any acts of Independent Distributorship of JCPREMIERE products andavail corresponding commissions, discounts and privileges.

Independent Distributor shall observe the JCPREMIERE primer, agreement, and codeof ethics.JCPremiere Business International shall be authorized to withhold allowable tax deductions derivedfrom the sales, commissions or rebates of a club member or business associate;JC Premiere Business InternationalInc. shall not be responsible for any misrepresentations committed by an Independent Distributor to any personor entity;JCPREMIERE reserves the right to amend or revise the Policies and Procedure and the Compensation Plan atany time without consent of the Independent Distributors.

Product Policy

Request for return and exchange of products purchases may be honored if the following conditions are met:

The request shall be made within five (5) days from the date of purchase.

Receipt of payment shall be presented together with the request without any alternations in the writings.

The product is not damaged or destroyed in any way. Packaging is un-opened, with no markings, and not tattered or destroyed.

All returns products can only be exhange with other products and not cash.

All products can be exchange to other products for as long as it is of the same value.

No returns will be honored if the reason for return is a mere change of mind.